Indian Army today has ‘debriefed’ the two Indian Army Aviation pilots of the Cheetah helicopter which yesterday crossed the Line of Control in Skardu in the Pakistani held Kashmir  and violated the Pakistani airspace.

Debriefing was held at the Leh headquarters of the 14 Corps where the pilots of the Indian Army Aviation were asked about the 4 hours spent in the custody of Pakistan.

Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is next in line woth their own set of questions for the crew of the helicopter.

Indian Army is also looking into the records of the global positioning system (GPS) of the helicopter to understand how the helicopter managed to cross the LOC.

Indian army sources say that helicopter crew was taken into custody after the landing and was asked questions were asked in English, Urdu & Hindustani. Crew has confirmed that they were treated well in Pakistan.

Cheetah helicopter of the Indian Army Aviation Corp’s 666 Siachen Falcons squadron crossed the Line of Control and Indian troops at the outpost in the Drass sector observed it crossing the LOC Gultari sector  and helicopter lost radio contact with the Indian base at 1.17pm.


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